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Landing Pages: What’s in for 2020?

What would you do if your goal was some much-needed increase of leads and email subscribers and some even more needed revenue? If your answer doesn’t include landing pages, then you’re wrong. Landing pages are a great way to push some offers, create benefits and...

The Common Sense SEO Audit

SEO audits should be an important part of your SEO strategy. They allow you to find and fix problems that sometimes you didn’t even realise you had. Not only can you fix issues but you can use what you find to build out your SEO routines so that these issues (where...

9 Content Marketing Tips for 2020

Introduction In this age of paid advertising, content marketing is seen as the most crucial and futuristic form of marketing by brands and marketers. Content is not kin anymore, it has become a Kingdom. Content marketing has evolved a lot since its inception and even...


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