There are numerous digital channels to promote your Biotechnology or Life Sciences business online but which ones are most effective for this industry in 2019?

In this article I am going to discuss the top digital channels for Biotechnology and Life Sciences that work today and if done right will provide explosive results. This guide will save you time and resources from having to test out different digital marketing channels to find out what works and what does not work.

The Right Approach for Digital Marketing in the Life Sciences Industry

 For you to perform digital marketing for life sciences resources, it is important to make sure that your Biotech marketing strategy is well researched and properly structured. You also need to have a robust tactical plan that makes your business stand out among the rest. Begin by identifying your business goals.

For instance does your business want to gain more leads, sales or increase its brand exposure. Those are all different goals and a digital marketing strategy is based around those goals.  

After that, you can develop a marketing strategy that aligns with your goals. Proceed to identify the characteristics of your product that are unique from those in the general market this is also referred to as a unique selling proposition or USP. Point out how they handle the challenges that your target clients face. In this way, you can package your product as a viable, strategic solution.

Marketing in the life sciences sector requires you to have a firm understanding of the methodology which scientific clients utilize to find, choose, buy and use products or services in their work. After gaining this insight, it is necessary to use multiple methods of digital marketing. There are various channels which you can implement to create an effective, comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Channels to Apply Today for the Life Sciences & Biotechnology Industries

 Inbound Marketing

This is a digital marketing strategy which boosts your brand awareness online. It increases the amount of traffic that you receive, conversions made and engagements which are confirmed. Inbound marketing helps you to attract prospective clients using helpful material in your website. By using newsletters, you can proceed to connect with them further.

Through inbound marketing, you can connect with clients who are already searching for a solution to a specific problem that they’re experiencing. As such, they will be immediately interested in the products or services which you are offering as soon as they land in your website.

Overall, inbound marketing helps you to attract, engage, close and maintain clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a method of increasing your organic ranking of your website in search engines like Google. This is done by making your website search engine friendly through a process called, “On page optimization”. Another way to further improve your search engine ranking is to acquire relevant and authoritative backlinks.

Studies have shown that many Internet shoppers prefer to visit the first few links that emerge in the results pages. As such, having your website rank high increases your Internet visibility and can lead to more conversions as well as higher revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Our world comes together on social media. People share their stories, pictures, videos and events on these platforms. As such, social media is an ideal place to market your website. It is an excellent tool to use for Business to Customer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B) interaction.

You can post products, services or news about your life sciences enterprise in a dedicated page. Your followers can view the posts and respond by sharing or making purchases. Not only does social media increase your Internet brand awareness, it also boosts your search engine rank. This is because all major search engines consider social media shares when ranking a website.

Content Marketing

Also known as lead generation, this is a method of digital marketing which provides information about general topics that are related to the products that you’re offering. These topics are guided by the customer preferences. Moreover, the topics provide information that helps the customers solve some problems that they could be facing. It is constructive material which mentions how your product or service can solve their problem. As such, content marketing is all about the intrinsic needs of the customer.

Notably, content marketing establishes trust between you and the customer. In this way, it inspires a loyal readership and repeat purchases as well.

Email Marketing

Ever since the establishment of online business, email marketing has been a core method of marketing products or services. It is supremely effective because it delivers the marketing material directly to the client’s inbox. It is efficient and can assist you to accomplish larger e-commerce goals for your biotech or life sciences company.

 For you to get started with email marketing, the first step is to add an option for subscription to newsletters in the social media page or your website. After that, use the subscribers’ email addresses to create a list. Proceed to use the list for sending autoresponder email messages. The goal of email marketing is to convince your subscriber to read more of your content and hopefully make a purchase.

A Life Science Digital Marketing Expert With 2 Years Industry Experience

Direct Response Advertising

This is a method of active digital advertising which can be implemented for life sciences products and services. It essentially involves paid advertisement media which emerge when customers are browsing the Internet. Direct response advertising makes use of these channels:

Display Advertising

Display advertising involves the creation of video advertisements and banners. They are placed in your blog and website as well so as to attract the attention of Internet users. Paid search advertising facilitates the placement of textual advertisements in search engines. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is where you request other webmasters to put your ads in their sites. After that, you can pay them a commission every time one of their visitors clicks on your ads and visits your website.


For your life sciences or biotechnology organization to thrive in today’s digital age, it is necessary to perform digital marketing. The strategies indicated above can help you to accomplish this effectively. They are tried, true and guaranteed to deliver a handsome Return on Investment (ROI). Try them out and experience explosive results in 2019.

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