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5 Medical Device Marketing Strategies

Today’s life is extremely busy. The physicians, the doctors, and the C-suite Executives do not have enough time to go and check out the newly launched medical devices as the medical device marketing strategy is also not strong enough to persuade the target audience....

12 Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Healthcare and medicine have definitely come a long way and what we have today is vastly different from what was the norm centuries ago. What this implies is that patients now have several alternatives and in an age of information and sophisticated advancements in...

Hospitality & Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies

In the hotel industry you deal with people who can be very complicated. At the same time, you try to accommodate and compromise, you deal with guests, manage rooms. You make sure the availability of your services. You run campaigns and give your customers new offers....

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing Strategies

The new digital age has transformed our daily habits. Who has not purchased something online in the last months? We all buy from the comfort of our house all kinds of products. From shirts in Zara to computers on Amazon. All at the click of a mouse.  Making use of the...


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