Case Study: Avenova

How we helped a pharmaceutical company grow their revenue online. 


About The Client

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals launched their dry eye product available without a prescription on Amazon.com through its new direct-to-consumer online channel. 

Project summary

The client came to us wanting to grow their revenue online through digital marketing specifically PPC advertising, content marketing and SEO. 

The Strategy

We took deep competitor and keyword research. Once this was done we realized search advertising and SEO were going to be our primary marketing channels. I then started optimizing the clients website making it search engine friendly. This includes rewriting meta titles and descriptions, internal linking an technical SEO.  Next I worked on the clients PPC advertising, I created custom campaigns for each of the symptoms the products provides solutions for. Finally I created a content calendar for the clients upcoming blog posts this content was based on the keywords we uncovered in our initial keyword research.   


Proven Results

Marketing case study pharma

The results came quickly; in 2 weeks scaled the account up to 120 sales a day through amazon.com. In 3 weeks we were on the front page of Google for the clients primary keyword, “eyelid solution”, this keyword has 2,400 searches per month. In 1 month we had published six 1,0000 word blog post  articles for the client. 

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