Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A fresh approach to SEO using ethical Google practices for long term growth


technical seo

Technical SEO

Technical SEO entails many high-level tasks that take experience and skill to execute. I provide technical SEO such as testing your site’s mobile usability, setting up Google Analytics, speed testing improvement, adding structured data (schema) markup to your site and much more.

E-commerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

All Ecom brands need SEO. No matter what platform your e-commerce site is on we have the ability to transform it into a high revenue converting machine. I have years experience running SEO marketing for big E-commerce websites with over 2,000+ pages and generating millions in revenue. 

local seo

Local SEO

Own your local market with our local SEO services. Local SEO is about letting Google know what industries and areas you serve. We provide Google My Business Optimization, relevant structured citations, local links, maintenance and support. We have worked in some of the toughest local markets like SF and LA. 

link building seo

Link Building

Premium link building services. We provide authoritative links and that’s it. This includes: editorial link mentions from blogger outreach, press releases, infographic links, & much more. Our custom link building strategies will help you scale your online visibility. Our links are permanent and campaigns contain the perfect keyword diversity. 

SEO Steps I Take


1. Goal Assessment

The main goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is that your website attracts as many targeted visitors as possible. A professional web design is not enough for your website to be visited. It is necessary that when users enter a specific search term in the search engine that your website appears among the first search results.

In the actual optimization of SEO, much depends on the jointly adopted implementation planning.  We can either advise you or make the changes directly for you. The details of SEO optimization are based on the agreed offer. Depending on your wished and internal resources, are at your disposal for advice or implementation. We show what needs to be done, you tell us what you want to do yourself. Depending on these results, we will make an offer for you.

2. Keyword Analysis

We conduct competitive and audience driven professional keyword research and create keyword sets and clusters.  First, we identify the correct terms and keywords that can be used for the optimization. This is the first and most important step of SEO. This part is very time consuming because a balanced combination of high use of words but little competition has to be found.

An intensive keyword research forms the basis for search engine optimization. If you know the relevant keywords and the search market, a targeted search engine optimization campaign is possible. We identify the keywords that are relevant to you – keeping a close eye on your target audience, the market and your competition.

3. On Page Optimization

The page optimization includes all adjustments and marketing activities directly on your site. These include among other things, a source code, usability optimization with user-friendly design or an improvement of the page speed. In on page optimization, the structure and content of search engine optimization are crucial.

The structure of the website includes both the structure and internal linking of the website as well as the structure of the individual subpages. We show you how to build your website.

Depending on which keywords you want to attack, search engine optimized texts are highly complex. That’s why we work together with professional editors and create complete texts for you according to your specifications.

Below is a very small selection of important on page ranking factors:

  • Individual page content, unique high-quality content
  • Title tags (page titles) and description meta tags (page description) for each page of a website
  • Readable URL structure
  • Easy navigation
  • HTML and XML sitemap
  • Helpful error page
  • Structured text construction and use of headline tags
  • Image optimization
  • Search engine friendly link structures
  • Error free programming and fast loading times
  • Responsive web design, mobile friendly

And much more

4. Off Page Optimization

The off-page optimizations of your website includes link building and social signals. We will build up relevant links that match your industry or niche and point them to your website. Link signals from high quality relevant websites have a positive effect on the ranking in search results.

During the off-page analysis, we check for the following points:

  • External links
  • Social media
  • Indexing

5. Reporting

We show you how successful our measures have been. We equip you with the common Google applications such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Where you will get detailed insights about your traffic and the development of your website in search engines. We also provide you with keyword ranking reports on a monthly basis.

With our services we strengthen your reputation on the internet and increase your profit. We work closely with our clients and ensure the transparency of our service.

More on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be defined differently but with the same meaning. It can be said to be the process of increasing traffic to a website and improving the rankings in the search results. When you have accumulated a number of visitors that increases, your website keeps going up the rank on the google search. The websites that are found in the top of the first page in the google search tend to receive most of the clicks of almost 95% and higher. The result higher up the page has a lot of CTR rate, and even much more traffic search Engine Optimization involves ensuring that the website in question is accessible and uses words that are likely to be used by people to type in searching for the content they are looking for at the site. Also, the website should be technically sound and offer a great experience to users with high-quality, useful content. 

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization 

Easy to use and friendly websites

SEO helps the owners of the websites to create a smooth, friendly and fast website that makes everyone visiting the site to come back again. The friendlier a website is, the more visitors come back each time they are I need of information increases the traffic level of the website. When the contents of the website like the sales and blog post make the readers happy as they get what they are looking for easily and solve their questions by getting the right thing they are looking for in your site.

More Users 

The main reason most of the businesses set up websites for their products and services, is to get more customers and users. The website helps them to stand out in the competition with the others and have the upper hand in the business. When you have SEO optimized website, you are able to bring in many customers than when you have to spend thousands of thousands of dollars to do marketing. The good thing with optimized websites is that you get to have twice as many customers than those without them.

Creates awareness for your brand 

The more you have traffic flowing in your site, you get to be ranked at the top of search engines making it more beneficial for your products. When you are ranked higher in the search engines like google, Bing and yahoo, you get to build your brand awareness unknowingly. Each time a customer searches for a product online and gets it from your brand, they tend to trust it more than others with no strong presence online. When you want to achieve more of the brand awareness with digital marketing and you have a small business you will have to invest more on the SEO and climb higher on the ranking.

Stand out in Competition 

Investing in SEO website gives you an upper hand among your business competitors and draw in more income and awareness. The more people look for you online and gets your brand and products, the more you have a higher chance to surpass them. This is some kind of business strategy for you to get at the top and bypass your competitors of the same products and services.

How does Google search engine optimization work?

Now that we have learnt about what a SEO is, it is important to know and understand how the SEO works and have a better idea of how your website ranking is achieved. You have seen that each time a user searches a certain term on the search engine, the results are a series of other websites that are related to the query and the one that has a solid authority of the domain. 

This is because the search engines use advanced crawlers that collect information on each website that is slightly related to the topic you are searching for. Google has a considerable search quality raters’ team that takes care of evaluating the quality of the search results that is fed into the machine algorithm. Google also has the search quality rater guidelines that provide more details and samples of what Google class has low or quality content on the websites. Also, Google uses the page rank to calculate the page authority and popularity. This is an essential signal in the ranking of the SEO websites.

The SEO is helpful in the improvement of the number and the quality of the inbound links from websites. This is also known as link building, but it is mainly used for marketing of brands online through contents. There are a number of tools that can help you with this here are 23 Best SEO Tools to Boost Site Marketing.

Why does my site need search engine optimization (SEO)?

At this point and time in life, every business is going up for the digital platform for its business expansion. This is also because most of the internet users rely on the internet to get the products and the services they want easily. More so they look for companies online and the services they offer 

Sometimes the customers look for reviews of the products online and directions of the products and companies. The SEO is very important to your business as it if food to your stomach. Making your website easy for search engine to find, make you increase the traffic to your business and more chance of a greater number of customers to it. The traffic makes it easier for you to be found online than getting to spend more money doing marketing to reach out to more people.
When you get your website to be among the top page of the search engine, gives you the best chance to be accessible by clients and more clicks for your site. This becomes even easier for you if the audience is impressed by what you are offering and ready to get it online and if possible, at your place of work. This could be a good sign for you to invest more on SEO to get more profits and to get your business up in the ladder. This gives you a better position than most of your competitors in the market

Own an unfair number of search results!